PHP 8 – New Features

PHP 8 released late last year but I never got round to taking a look. I tend to run LTS versions of Ubuntu which are a little behind the cutting edge versions of these things. It’s a big update but I pulled out 3 things I found of interest. str_contains() It’s simply a way to […]

Web Technologies

Frontend – 4 x 2 Image Grid

I recently decided to keep reusable front end components in CodePen. That way I have access to them and can share them easily. Here’s the first one I built. It’s a full width 4 x 2 Image grid with a subtle animation on hover. The code pen is embedded below but should you want to […]

Today I Learned, Web Technologies

Emmet Toolkit

When someone says “Emmet” to you what come to mind? Your answer might depend heavily on your age. I think of this guy… If you are a little younger or have kids you might be picturing this guy… Although both these guys could help you out I’ve recently discovered an even more helpful Emmet. What […]


Comparing Laravel and AdonisJs – Part 2

Yesterday I published Part 1 of a comparison between Laravel and AdonisJs. Today is a continuation of that article. ORM Models Laravel uses the Eloquent ORM which, when I first started using it, felt like magic. I was used to propel which required you to carefully specify each database table, field, field type and relationship. […]


Comparing Laravel and AdonisJs – Part 1

I looked back at my git history today and worked out I’ve been using Laravel since November 2015. At the time it was like a breath of fresh air. For the 4 years leading up to that I’d been responsible for a legacy PHP application written in Symfony 1. Whilst a game changer in it’s […]

Today I Learned

awk – Introduction – Part 2

Yesterday I introduced awk and showed how it could be used to parse and edit structured text files. If you read that you will remember we had a text file called programming_languages.txt and it looked like this: We finished by running a single awk command on it to output the 2nd and 4th field of […]

Today I Learned

awk – Introduction – Part 1

I’ve been using Linux for 10 years and I’ve avoided looking at awk. Like most people I tend to reach for the tool that feels most familiar. If I want a quick script for processing a text file I’ll go to Python. Today I decided to bite the bullet and take a look at what […]

Today I Learned

Right sed Fred

Thought I’d do a quick summary of the sed command in Linux as I’ve found myself using it today. There’s a lot to it, so much in fact it’s a whole chapter in the Linux in a Nutshell book I found the other day. Overview sed is a stream editor. Inputs or streams flow into […]


Everything Changes… sometimes!

A slightly different post from me today. Less technical and more reflective. My wife was clearing out the garage today and brought in a large pile of books I hadn’t seen in a long time. Two caught my eye for very different reasons. Programming Amazon Web Services My copy is a First Edition, printed in […]

Today I Learned

Python validators module

You know what’s never easy – Regular Expressions! I appreciate how powerful they are and I appreciate all those Stack Overflow answers where people share their magical incantations. I recently needed a regex for validating if some user input was a valid domain. Google showed by lots of answers which were fit for purpose but […]