Today I Learned, Wordpress

WordPress has a CLI

So it turns out WordPress has a CLI! I’m not sure how this had passed me by but I’m really pleased I’ve found it. WordPress installation is famously easy but automation is always a good thing. Installation is really straightforward so I won’t repeat the instructions here. Here are some of the commands which caught […]

Web Technologies

An Introduction to Cloudinary

I thought today I’d do a quick introduction to Cloudinary. Cloudinary is a SAAS product I’ve been using for a few years now to handle all of my ‘digital assets’. By ‘digital assets’ I mean images, although they do handle videos too. It’s somewhere to store all your images and videos.. “But we can just […]


Elixir – The Nags hd

This is a repost of an article I wrote on back in 2016. At the time I was playing with Elixir which is a really interesting programming language which leverages the Erlang Virtual Machine. Much to my surprise this article even briefly made it on to Hacker News! If you haven’t tried Elixir I […]


Adding Syntax Highlighting to WordPress

As I started to write these posts I realised that my code blocks didn’t look as good as I’ve seen on other sites. On other sites I’ve seen syntax highlighting and line numbers. As I’m using WordPress is was super simple. I found a plugin called SyntaxHighlighter Evolved. Straight out of the box it has: […]

Security, Today I Learned

Encrypting Database Backups

Following on from yesterday’s post I thought I’d use my newly acquired knowledge to streamline the encryption of my database backups. In theory I could just create a bash script that: Creates the backup. Encrypts the backup. Deletes the non-encrypted version. This is fine, it works. I have two issues with it: Passing the password […]

Security, Today I Learned

Encrypting Files

Today I was doing some research into the best way to encrypt files. My main use case was to encrypt my database backups prior to uploading them to cloud storage. So my criteria were: Could be run from the command line as most of my servers are Linux. I didn’t want to give the password […]